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Great Central Railway Events in Loughborough

Through out the year we get many friends of the Great Central Railway stay with us when visiting the Steam Railway.  We should all be so proud of our Railway as it is ranked as No12 out of a list of 50!

We always offer a special discount to Guests when they mention the Steam Railway and offer early check in so they are able to maximise the time spent on the tracks.  We also offer free parking and find that the majority of our guests when visiting the Railway tend to check in early, park the car and walk the five minutes round to the Station.  Early breakfasts can also be arranged upon request.  Theres nothing like a Full English Breakfast to start the day.

I must also apologise to Mr Brent who has been a regular guest with us for the last nine years as he tried to book a room with us last week and unfortunatley, we were fully booked.  Mr Brent then managed to get in with the Premier Inn, Loughborough and was dismayed to find that he had to pay for parking and breakfast on top of his room rate, which worked out to be quite expensive :(

I myself am a fan of the Railway even though I am not a dedicated Train enthusiast.  They have many events on throughout the year that would appeal to everyone.  For example, Thomas the Tank Engine is visiting 29th & 30th September 2012 and it is quite magical to see him chugging along the tracks.  There is a great family fun weekend which combines with the Thomas weekend.

My favourite and the one I have already made sure that I will be attending is the Beer Festival!!.  It will prove to be a brilliant occasion and the fact that they have Live Music only adds to the excitment.  Every event I have attended at the Great Central is always proffesionally managed with polite and friendly staff and volunteers.

Check out their special events page to  keep up to date with the various events they have coming up.  I promise you wont regret a visit! :)


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