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Olympic Gold Medals Prompts Price Slash for Accomodation

How exciting is the Olympics at the moment??  Everyone at Charnwood Lodge is rooting with the rest of Great Britain for our atheletes to continue with the amazing results and effort they are putting in.

We are currently 3rd in the Olympic Table - just behind the USA in 2nd place and Republic of China in 1st!!

The “Big Bosses” Liz and Klaus are actually in London at the moment and are reporting daily to myself and staff with updates on the Olympics.  They say the atmosphere is ELECTRIC and are soaking up the fabulous Patriotism everyone has at the moment.  The next event they are attending is the Men’s Handball, quarter final at 6pm tonight!!  Check out our face book page later with their take on the match.

So, to do “our” bit, we have slashed prices throughout the Olympics with some savings of £20.00 per night per room!!  Check out the amazing sales prices with our delicious  Great British Breakfast included in the price!

Our 42inch Flat screen is constantly on showing the Olympics and we have our flags flying.  The comfortable bar and lounge area is open to all!!  Not the same as being in London at this magical time – but with Liz, Klaus and my brother Jonathan representing us there, im sure they will join us in raising a glass of Fizz to all at the Lodge on the next Olympic medal Team GB win!!

Well done GB! We are all very proud to be British right now and especially Loughborough as the Loughborough University and town have played many roles in the preperation of the Olympics this year.  It was all very exciting when Team GB came to Loughborough to get kitted out for their Stella McCartney designed kits and uniform!

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