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What should you expect when staying at a bed and breakfast?


When you’re on any overnight trip away from home, it’s always good to know that the place you’ll be laying your head is a comfortable and pleasant one.

Sometimes, with massive hotel chains, you can be pretty sure of what to expect, because they come the same as standard, wherever in the country you go. But is that a good thing?

We think some of the best things about a B&B is that each and every one is unique, comes with its own individual charm and can be a lot smaller and more intimate, meaning that staff can pay more attention to the needs of the guests.
There’s also no reason why you should take a gamble with the facilities on offer either.

So, what should you expect when staying at a bed and breakfast in Loughborough? Check out what we believe should go without saying when you’re looking for great accommodation.

When staying at a B&B what’s included?

Now, we’re not suggesting for a minute that all B&Bs will have it all, but at Charnwood Lodge, here’s what to expect:

• Comfortable rooms – nicely decorated, with pleasant surroundings both inside and out.
• Home from home – the kind of welcome and friendliness that you’d expect at your own place, if not better.
• A great breakfast – home cooked food, sourced from fresh, local produce, that’s not been mass produced. It makes for a gorgeous start to the day.
• Free Wi-Fi – we think that should pretty much be standard wherever you’re staying.
• The personal touch – because a B&B will often have less guests than a large hotel, you’ll get the undivided attention of the staff.
• Plenty of parking –the last thing you want after a busy day is to have to walk miles to get to where you’re staying.
• Great local knowledge – we love our area and we know it like the back of our hands. Want some advice about places to go and things to see? Just ask!
• The little extras – because when you’re small, but perfectly formed, every consideration can go into making your stay extra special.

Make sure the reviews are genuine

When looking for a place to stay in an area that you’ve not been to before, it can be ‘oh so tempting’ to go for somewhere standard and boring. But, if discovering new, exciting and unique places to stay floats your boat, then the way to ensure it’s going to be memorable for all the right reasons is to do your homework first.

Check the reviews of where you’re staying and make sure they’re genuine (and great). If you can’t get recommendations from family and friends then look to reliable sites such as TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook. Because nothing beats word of mouth.

Get in touch today to book your stay

If you would like to find more about the bed and breakfast accommodation that we have to offer, then please feel free to take a look at some of our online reviews. We’re extremely proud to be able to offer our guests every comfort and consideration when it comes to their stay, so why not get in touch today and rest assured that we will help to make your trip one to remember.

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