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Why Choose a Loughborough B&B Over a Hotel

Traditionally a bed and breakfast may have been considered as a cheaper alternative to a hotel and not much more in the past, but in recent years all this has changed. With the popularity of the boutique hotel soaring in the bigger cities and hospitality standards growing nationwide, the chance to stay somewhere that’s smaller and more intimate than a large hotel has become hugely appealing in its own right, whether there’s a big hotel nearby or not.

This appeal is just one of the great reasons why choose a Loughborough B&B over a hotel, but at Charnwood Lodge we have many more.

10 reasons to choose a B&B

The great thing about a smaller hotel or B&B is it gives the owners the chance to make it truly unique, even down to the individuality of each room. There’s no seeing the inside of the same hotel room the world over. B&Bs quite often come with a bespoke charm of their very own, which means visitors return time and time again.

So, here are 10 reasons to choose a B&B that we think you will love..

  • Individuality (no two B&Bs are the same).
  • Better value (because it might not have all the frills of a major hotel chain, but it has the charm).
  • Personalised attention (because it’s small, you can expect greater service and assistance).
  • Interesting history (often the building will come with a tale of its own).
  • Home-made food (no mass produced nonsense here).
  • A relaxing escape (because of the size, a B&B can be cosy, intimate and found pretty much anywhere - and we just happen to be right in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside).
  • Little extras (the smaller size gives the chance to focus on the added little touches that make all the difference).
  • Warm welcome (often B&Bs are family run by staff who take great pride in their establishment and offer the warmest welcome to guests. Well, we certainly do).
  • Home from home (the cosy feel will give you the chance to relax, put your feet up and enjoy).
  • Local knowledge.. Got any questions about the area or what’s nearby? Our team would be delighted to help.

Book your stay with us directly

If you have a Leicestershire event coming up and are looking for a place to stay that comes with the cosy feel of home and all the extra personal touches that will make your trip special, you can book your stay with us directly today.

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