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Barefoot Festival Accommodation 29-31 July 2016

If you’re looking to get back to basics, leave the pressures off modern life behind and enjoy the feel of the grass beneath your feet, it could be that you’re making your way to the Barefoot Festival in Leicestershire at the end of this month.

What we love about this event is the relaxing, happy vibe that’s abundant here, as well as the community minded nature of the occasion that makes it ideal for the whole family. Set in the grounds of beautiful Prestwold Hall, this is a magical weekend that draws visitors from all over the country who want to spend the day or take in the soul cleansing nature of the whole three day event.

It could be that you want to immerse yourself in it completely by sleeping under the stars throughout the festival and camping out for the duration of your stay, but, if you’re looking for a comfy bed for the night, we can help.

We are only 3.6 miles from festival

When you’ve been on your feet all day, the thought of sleeping on the ground may not be quite as appealing as you originally thought, so, you might be pleased to know that our comfortable guest house is only 3.6 miles from the festival.

That’s just a short taxi ride away to enjoy a warm shower, great night’s sleep and lovely home cooked food which will all be waiting for you. Sometimes the crush at the end of a festival can leave you feeling exhausted for the journey home, but a stay with us will mean you can get away from it all quickly and be relaxing before you know it.

Park onsite for free with your stay

Not only is our guest house in a peaceful, attractive location, we have recently refurbished en-suite rooms and all the modern amenities you might need, from free wi-fi and a flat screen TV in your room, to a bar and lounge area for you to relax in at the end of the day.

There’s also no need to worry about paying for the cost of parking, because, when you’re our guest, you can park onsite for free as part of your stay.

Book your room now

We have some top notch guest house accommodation available for anyone going to the Barefoot Festival at Prestwold Hall from July 29-31.

Why not check out our excellent reviews or give us a call with any questions or special requests? Book your room today and get ready to truly enjoy. You can also receive 10% off your booking by calling 01509 211120 and quoting this blog at the time of booking.

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